Find out the best places to buy ammunition online from own positive experiences and fails. Well also cover recommend brands, types of bullets to buy, what is good price, and unfortunatelyrestrictions, on your state. Heres some that go in and out of stock from Palmetto State Armory who have a job of keeping supply during weekdays. Or try out their All Ammo section since they have a weird distinction between bulk regular Ammo. Although, in all fairness, I have to that I go back and discover that S / H stay constant, even though the number of rounds go up. This greatly cost per round. Bottom line, if you want a couple hundred rounds, you can probably match or beat prices locally, but if you are willing to buy lots of 500 rounds more, you can make some significant savings.

I’m getting confused is where just bought Salvage F62. I plan on using both FMJ for target and HP for self but have been advised by various references-including Salvage-not to use Hollow Points in this rifle, as they have a tendency to jam. Ofcourse there is nothing in the owners manual mentions this. So when someone goes to buy 22 calories of a brand-how are to know this. Alien gear holsters are great. Not only they comfortable, but they have a lifetime warranty. Plus, if you ever switch to another gun, you just contact them and tell them what new gun you have and they’ll out shell for a new gun at no charge. You just pay for shipping. I’ve been using their holsters for years and I about 7 handguns. Every time I get rid of and get a new one, they just replace the shell with my new gun. Plus, they always have sales combos if you buy more than one holster. No, I work for them, I’m just a loyal customer. Lol hi thanks for your question! I don’t have. 357 magnum myself but have shot several of my friends’. For practice rounds, I go with. 38 special those will most likely fit in your revolver. They are much cheaper and you get used to reduced recoil too. Home defense round get something Hollow point. Sheer power of. 357 will take of the rest! I would Gold Dot or Federal. Best gun store in henderson nevada. best gun shops nearby

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