Cold Steel Chaos Fixed Blade Tactical Knife 7.5″ SK-5 High Carbon Steel Blade Aluminum Handle Black



The Cold Steel Chaos Tactical Knife is intended to be the ultimate battlefield companion for those who fight in the Chaos faction. With a design reminiscent of the “Trench Knives” used during World War I and World War II, the Cold Steel Chaos knives have been updated with modern materials and construction. As a result of the fact that most modern warfighters have limited storage space, the Chaos is designed to serve as a field knife in addition to being a combat knife. The SK-5 High Carbon Blade Steel is extremely tough and retains its edge exceptionally well. Two characteristics that make for an excellent field knife or a knife that may be used to permanently remove an enemy combatant from the battlefield are sharpness and durability.

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The Cold Steel Chaos’s unique D-Guard is where the lineage of the Trench Knife is most clearly demonstrated. A reinforced 6061 aluminum frame, rather than flimsy sheet metal or extremely heavy brass, is used to construct Chaos’s guards, which are both incredibly strong and extremely lightweight. When used in conjunction with a “Skull Crusher” pommel, this guard provides effective butt strikes while also protecting your hand. Available with a Tanto point for more utility or a double-edged blade that pays homage to the classic 1918 Trench Knife for a more decorative look. Despite their small size, Chaos knives are extremely effective fighting implements as well as useful field knives.

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Caution is advised because using this product may expose you to Nickel (Metallic), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. More information can be found at if you wish to learn more. fixed blade tactical knives for sale


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