KelTec CP33


Business in the front, party in the rear.


The CP33 was born out of a demand for an update in the.22 target pistol industry. Competition Pistol is abbreviated as CP33. Each magazine holds a whopping 33 bullets right out of the box. keltec cp33 for sale


Capacity / Accuracy / Versatility

Multi-Purpose Pistol

The CP33 is ready to accept your favorite optics and attachments, with a Picatinny-style top rail and a MAGPUL® M-LOK® slot incorporated into the dust cover. Repeat the process of training, competing, plinking, and repeating the process of training, competing, plinking, and Simply attach your favorite if you want to do it silently. suppressor number 22


The CP33 has a safety lever on both sides of the grip, a heel catch magazine release, and a unique charging handle positioned at the back of the receiver, making it as ambidextrous as possible.


Fiber optic sights, a 9-inch sight radius, and a threaded barrel come standard, making bullseyes and paper bad guys a breeze to dispatch.

Quad Stack 33

The CP33 magazines are a work of art in terms of engineering. In most cases, the word “quad stack” refers to magazine carriers… but not in this case. Each CP33 magazine holds four rows.22lr ammunition, enabling devastating flush-fit firepower. Right out of the box, there are 66 rounds of enjoyment.










1/2-28 TPI

1 in 14″


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