KelTec SU16 Series

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Unique / Sport / Utility


The SU16 series has been developed, manufactured, and crafted to be the ideal Sport Utility rifle for everyday use. These gas piston-operated, semi-auto rifles differ mostly in barrel length and stock configuration, but all accept regular AR-15 magazines, with some variants storing two extra, proprietary magazines in the stock. keltec su16

keltec su16 for sale


Adaptable / Durable / Modular


There are a few different SU16 models and combinations to select from, but they all have iron sights and a Picatinny-style rail on top of the receiver to attach your preferred optic.


If you’re familiar with KelTec, you’ll know that we prefer to keep things simple and light. The SU16 is a fantastic pick for a 5.56 rifle that can go anywhere.


The SU16 variants are all controlled by gas pistons, which keep fouling to a bare minimum where the magic happens. The SU16 series rifles shoot smooth, flat, and consistently thanks to the lengthy travel of the bolt carrier. keltec su16

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SU16A, SU16B, SU16C, SU16CA, SU16D9, SU16D12, SU16E


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