CCI Small Rifle Primers #400


Weight                                            1000 piece
Quantity                                         Small Rifle

Delivery Information
Shipping Weight                           1.100 Pounds
DOT-Regulated                                 Yes
HazMat Product                               Yes

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Small Pistol Primers For Sale

A proven performer, CCI® Small Rifle Primers #400(Small Pistol Primers For Sale) primers deliver trustworthy performance for home reloaders. Easier to seat than older-style primers, CCI standard primers feed more smoothly in today’s progressive and automated loading equipment. With its clean-burning initiator compound, these non-corrosive, non-mercuric primers deliver a clean burn to leave primer pockets cleaner for greater accuracy and more shots between cleanings. The increased sensitivity design also provides a larger ”sweet spot” for better use with guns that sometimes deliver off-center strikes.

Better sensitivity for more positive firing in all guns
Non-corrosive, non-mercuric – clean-burning for greater accuracy and more shots between cleanings
Easier to seat than older-style primers
Smooth feeding in progressive and automated loading equipment
Continually tested design
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1000 Piece
Primer Size
Small Rifle



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